The DO’s & DON’Ts Of Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

You need to follow a skincare routine if you want happy and healthy skin. It becomes even more important for people who have oily skin because they are generally prone to get acne, pimples, and the oily shine as well.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts to help you achieve your great skin look:

The DOs Of Oily Skin

Wash It Well – If you have oily skin, you must adhere to a good face-washing routine. Choose a gentle face wash that helps combat oil. Make sure it is soap-free, pH-balanced, and oil-free that can unclog pores easily.

Use Sunscreen – We have seen a lot of people not use sunscreen because they have oily skin. That’s no excuse. Choose a good screen made for oily skin and it should have SPF 30. Otherwise, you will only make your skin more vulnerable to acne and breakouts.

Exfoliate Your Skin – Another misconception followed a lot. Make sure you have a good exfoliating routine with gloves and a gentle body wash. We recommend you try out our Glow Gloves and Silk Exfoliating Gloves because they are gentle on oily & acne-prone skin and help unclog the pores as well.

The DON’Ts Of Oily Skin

Do Not Touch Your Face – It isn’t just about picking your pimples or touching the red spots. Just do not touch your face at all. All the dirt and grime on your hands are transferred to your face causing your skin to damage even more. Frequently wash your hands and especially wash them before doing your makeup and touching your face.

Don’t Skip Moisturizing – Oily skin needs moisturizer too. If you are not moisturizing, your face can get even more oily. Yes, that’s a fact. Find a gentle moisturizer with the formula that keeps the oil away. You can always choose gel-based moisturizers as they are cool for the face and gentle on the skin.

Don’t Use A Dirty Pillowcase – Keep changing your pillowcase. The best fabric would be to choose a silk one as it is gentle on your face. Try to switch them every alternate night so the absorbed grease and grime don’t affect you.

Not all of us have or can have perfect skin. But all of us can work to have healthy and happy skin. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, you know what to do now.