Glow Glove for Body

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Inspired by the Turkish Hammam, we are re-imagining this ancient tool to detoxify your skin and reveal your inner glow. 

Our 100% pure silk exfoliating glove is designed to help promote cell renewal, reduce fine lines, and fade stretch marks. Bye-bye dead skin cells and hello to brighter, tighter skin. Show the world your radiance. 


1. Soak in the steam from the shower or bath and wait 5-10 minutes to start using your glove.

2. Once your skin is softened, wet the glove and squeeze out any excess water. Place your hand inside and get ready to exfoliate.

3. Remember, all you need is your Glow Glove, no soaps or oils! Firmly press the glove against your skin and rub back and forth to fully exfoliate. Use care in more sensitive areas. Redness will subside.

4. Rinse with warm water and look in the mirror to see your body glow!

Get the most out of your Glow Glove!

Use your Glow Glove 1-2 times per week for best results. Every 6-8 weeks replace your exfoliating glove with a brand new Glow Glove.